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Give Your Site More Than Just A Fresh Coat Of Paint, Give It A Whole New Life!

If your website looks dull and lifeless; and your content hasn't been improved, added to or made more relevant for, well, ages; it's definitely time to consider a website re-design.ike consumers browsing in bricks and mortar High Street stores, online shoppers are more likely to buy if product lines frequently change, and the internal decor is totally NOW - reflecting current trends and feeling wholly appropriate for the target audience; rather than being tired, dated, stuck in a time-warp.

Let's face it. How long would you hang around in a place like that? And would you ever go back or recommend it? Thought not!

That's why website re-design makes perfect sense. What's more, overhauling your site and breathing new life into every aspect of it can help you target a new audience, expand your reach, and draw attention to your business (an optimised online press release excitedly telling the world about your website's "complete make-over" could work wonders when it comes to getting your brand talked about).

At IGS, we believe that website redesign is much more than just graphics makeover and repositioning of components. It is also about improving website's usability and functionality. Our team of creative designers and expert marketers renovate your website to unlock your business' true potentials.

Here is how we add value to your business with our Website Redesign services.

  • We work towards aligning your website design with the core purpose of your business.
  • Our creative team is capable of devising efficient methodologies to minimize the downtime.
  • We redesign websites with unique UX-friendly layouts that convert visitors into customers.
  • You get to choose from multiple design prototypes as per your website redesign requirements.
  • While redesigning websites, we ensure that every move and shift is towards a specific purpose.
  • While redesigning, we minimize website's loading time to deliver a richer user experience.
  • We offer landing page optimization as an integrated part of our website redesign services.